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Wilsdruffer Schmalspurnetz

Über 150 km Schmalspurstrecken in Mittelsachsen

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Open air railway museum

Stationsschild Wilsdruff Haltepunkt


Hp Wilsdruff mit P 1759 (7. Mai 1966, Foto: G. Meyer)The former station Wilsdruff Halt was situated at the narrow gauge line Wilsdruff -Meissen Triebischtal. It was the first intermediate station on the line into direction to Meissen. Since the opening of the line on 1. October 1909 the small station had been very important for passenger transport, because it was very convinently situated near the town centre of Wilsdruff. Still in the 1950s tickets were temporarily sold in the station building before each train departure to Meissen. Finally, the station was closed following withdrawal of passenger trains on  21 May 1966.

Leerlokfahrt nach Ullendorf-Röhrsdorf, Foto G. Ende


Nearly the same day twenty years after the closing down of the railway a new era began, the buildings and station surroundings were taken over by the IG Verkehrsgeschichte Wilsdruff. Regardless of all difficulties the enthusiasm succeeded and in 1989 the first tracks were relaid, the railcar body of the post wagon was saved and the station building got new planks. In the years following more wagons and relicts were transferred to Wilsdruff Halt. Since that time the aura typical for a Saxon narrow gauge station could be reestablished. The station building and the privy are shining in their original livery from the time of the Royal Saxon Railway (Königlich Sächsischen Staatseisenbahn) at the beginning of last century.

Stationsgebäude Wilsdruff Hp (Zustand um 1960)Stationsgebäude Wilsdruff Hp (Aktueller Zustand)

Station building at Wilsdruff Hp formerly (1960s, photo G. Lieder) und currently (photo P. Wunderwald)

Rolling Stock

The proud of the Wilsdruff collection is the last remaining four axled post wagon (class IVb). This wagon was finally completely rebuilt from the remainings of the emergency service train which finished its service time at Freital. Besides that there are some more typical Saxon narrow gauge vehicles on display - a four axled stock car (GGw), a side grain transporter (HHw) and a so called "Rollwagen", a typical piggyback wagon with a normal gauge stock car as load. The railcar body of a passenger wagon of the former Leipzig Dresden Railway Company (LDE) is used as additional showroom. Additionally a two axled baggage car is waiting for a new chassis. All vehicles are presented in their original colors and including lettering of the Royal Saxon Railway. The members of the IG Verkehrsgeschichte Wilsdruff do their best and spend a huge portion their spare time in order to refurbish more exhibits as volunteers.

Technical Details and background informations about all vehicles in posession of the IGV can be found on our vehicle page.

Guided tour /

Wilsdruff Halt is one of the smaller exhibitis dealing with the history of the narrow gauge railways in Saxony. We announce opening days in advance, e.g. on our website. The vehicles are displayed open-air and are accessible for the public all year round.

Guided tours on site are possible for pre-booked groups (Tel:+49 351 / 64 35 21) as spare time of our volunteers permits.

Further information about open days and labour assignments, when you can meet us on site can be found in our event calender or in our news section.

How you can find us


The Haltepunkt Wilsdruff (Wilsdruff Halt) is situated within walking distance (5 minutes) from the market place of Wilsdruff on the Nossener Straße.

Guests without private transportation can use the following public bus lines (alight at Wilsdruff, Markt):

Timetable information can be found on the on the operators websites: Regionalverkehr Dresden or Verkehrsgesellschaft Meißen.